Conversations between writer and translator, friend and friend. Remembering Miren Iriarte
Uxue Albedi, Amaia Apalauza and Samara Velte


Translator and EIZIE member Miren Iriarte Oyaga was born in Pamplona in 1978. She began translating in 2001, after completing her studies in journalism and translation. After working for various companies and organizations, she began working for the City of Pamplona Translation Service in 2006. She translated from Basque, Spanish and Italian into Spanish and Basque. Miren passed away last year and in her honor we offer the remembrances of three friends who worked with her. Amaia Apalauza was Miren’s friend in translation and in life. Miren and Uxue Alberdi met when Miren was translating Kontrako eztarritik into Spanish, and she met Samara Velte when she was translating Samara’s book Nik sinesten dizut.