Professional guides

We urge you to consult the booklets below. They are full of hands-on advice that will help you get the language services you need a translation (written) and interpreting (spoken).

Interpreting. Getting it Right


For non-linguists, buying interpreting services is often frustrating.

The suggestions in this guide are aimed at reducing stress and helping you get the most out of your interpreting budget.

See A guide to buying interpreting services

EIZIE's interpreting protocols (in Basque):

Recommendations for speakers
Remarks on interpretation

Need a Basque translation? Tips to bear in mind


When sending off a text to be translated either from Basque into English or vice versa, there are certain things that are always best taken into consideration, in order to ensure the best possible results.

You will find the tips on pages 23 to 25 of this guide.

See also the Guide to buying translation.

The Six Commandments of CEATL


The Six Commandments of fair play in literary translation, adopted by CEATL's General Assembly on 14 May, 2011.

See also the Guidelines for fair translation contracts.

Last modified: 13-02-2019