The Association

Who are we?

EIZIE (Association of Translators, Correctors and Interpreters of Basque Language) brings together professionals engaged in translation or interpreting from and into Basque.

The Association was founded in 1987 with the following aims:

  • Collecting and disseminating information on translation,
  • Publishing the Senez journal, created by and for translators,
  • Recognizing, recovering and publicizing the immense work of our predecessors,
  • Improving the professional training of Basque translators, proofreaders and interpreters.
  • Creating and handling a collection of representative works of universal literature translated into Basque,
  • Obtaining legal protection for Basque translators, proofreaders and interpreters, and improving their working conditions,
  • Promoting the visibility of translation professionals,
  • Encouraging translation from and into Basque,
  • Defending the economic and social interests of Basque translators,
  • Ensuring the quality of translations from and into Basque.

EIZIE is member of FIT (International Federation of Translators) and of CEATL (European Council of Literary Translators' Associations).


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The highest governing body of the Association is the General Assembly made up of all members. Members elect the Council every two years. The Council gathers once a month in EIZIE's headquarters to take decisions about the association's main activities.


These are the members of the Council:

The functioning of the association is divided in several fields, and each council member is in charge of one of them:

Other members collaborate occasionally according to the projects that are being developed:

The office team is formed by Mila Garmendia and Arantzazu Royo.


Arising from an initiative by some of the teachers at the San Sebastian Translators’ School, the first steps to form a Basque language translators’ association were taken in 1987. The aim was to enhance the social prestige of those working in this field and to defend their professional interests. The constitutive assembly was held in 1988 and involved some 60 translators, who approved the statutes that laid down the association's founding objectives:

  • Achieve legal cover and protection for Basque translators and to improve their working conditions
  • Oversee the quality of translation from Basque and into Basque
  • Promote translation into Basque of every kind of material
  • Enhance the professional training of translators

Since its foundation, the association has always worked for translation and its professionals.

In 2002, when the annual CEATL assembly was held in San Sebastian, EIZIE published a booklet that explains shortly the history of the association.

EIZIE turns 30


On November 30th 2017, EIZIE celebrated its 30th anniversary. On the occasion of the event, a meeting was organized with the aim of analyzing the evolution of translation into and from Basque. The event, which was held on December 15th at the House of Culture of Egia in Donostia-San Sebastián, was attended by a large group of members and sympathizers from various generations, and tribute was paid to three of the translators who founded the association: Lurdes Auzmendi, Xabier Mendiguren Bereziartu and Josu Zabaleta. At the event, they recalled the origins and evolution of the association. In addition, Miren Ibarluzea and Bego Montorio shared their vision and memories of the association with the public. The meeting was led by Karlos del Olmo, the then editor in chief of the Senez journal.

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