Senez 40 (2010, special issue)

  • Date of publication: 2010
  • ISSN: 1132-2152
  • L.D.: SS-1152/01
  • 118 pp.

All articles in this issue have been published in Basque. You can read the abstracts.


The monographic issue of Senez that you hold in your hands, dear reader, is a special edition dedicated to the fruit of the “Writer in the Translators’ Workshop” organized by EIZIE in the fall of 2010: a small sample of Basque literature translated into various languages. Here you will find a number of poems by Itxaro Borda in five different languages (Basque, French, Spanish, Catalan and Galician). Next, in testimony to this valuable and enriching experience, a story by the coordinator of the conference, Manu López Gaseni, and Itxaro Borda’s thoughts about the workshop. We close with brief biographies of the workshop participants.