Senez 17 (1996, special issue)


  • Date of publication: 1996
  • ISSN: 84-7086-287-1
  • L.D.: S.S. 800/96
  • 116 pp.

All articles in this issue have been published in Basque.


Koldo Biguri

Translation: Joe Linehan

This special issue of SENEZ is given over to terminology in general — highly important for the normalisation that modern Basque requires in many fields. Despite the articles and interviews that we have brought together here, it is impossible to deal with the theme in the in-depth way that it deserves and so one will only find some bits and pieces – but, in our view, interesting ones — to help ponder the issue.

In fact, we wish to invite readers to reflect on how we treat terminology amongst ourselves, because it is clear that this field not only has to do with ourselves as translators, but also with all those who use terminology as a working tool or in their profession and, via these, with all Basque-speakers. The first question we ask ourselves is: do we give terminology its due importance given the influence it has on all of us? Where is it developed and by whom, with what means and using what infrastructure? Where do terminologists train and prepare themselves in our country? Is it really enough for someone, from time to time, to publish a dictionary in a particular field?

In our opinion, the answers do not leave much room for optimism. And much less so when quite often there is a lack of what should be a solid basis (an agreed methodology) for a piece of work, and it is carried out in a very disparate manner. For example, the term «Comunidad Autónoma Vasca» is often translated as each one sees fit, despite the fact that the Euskaltzaindia has already laid down a standard form for the toponym.

All of those involved in Basque cultural activities (teachers, students, the media, translators, writers, and so on), despite needing terminology, have barely complied with a series of minimum standards, in this regard. We still have a lot to learn from one another. We trust that this issue of SENEZ provides a positive contribution, modest though it be, to this debate.