Translation of poetry: analysis of a marginal activity
Ane Garcia Lopez


In this article, the author carries out a complete and in-depth analysis of poetry translated into Basque to date for the purpose of highlighting various issues to take into account moving forward. The present work takes a close look at the space held by women in translated poetry, and the perspective of gender is notable, particularly in the final section of the work. The analysis consists of two parts, each complementary to the other. After putting the topic of translated poetry into context, the author carries out an analysis of data taken from the Nor da Nor catalogue, and examines the works that have been translated to date, both monographs and translations published in other formats. Then, in order to visiblize the influence that what has and has not been translated has had, has, or could have on the polysystem of Basque poetry, the author presents two concrete examples: Itxaro Borda, and the poetry collection entitled Munduko Poesia Kaierak. This work opens a window onto a peripheral activity, and it is for this purpose that the author carried out the present analysis.