Bestsellers translated into Basque: a catalogue and analysis based on 'The New York Times Best Seller List' (1990-2020)
Amaia Izkue


The aim of this work is to analyze the situation of bestsellers translated into Basque. First and foremost, we had to create a catalog of the bestsellers that have been translated into Basque over the last few years, based on the list of bestsellers published weekly in the US newspaper The New York Times, from 1990 to 2020. After compiling the data, we interpreted the results yielded by that list; specifically, we focused on the chronological development of the translated bestsellers, their literary genre, the authors of the original versions, the translators, and the publishing houses that published the translations. In addition, taking our results into account, we make some observations about the presence of translated bestsellers in the Basque literary system.