Steps for analysing phraseological units translated from German into Basque
Zuriñe Sanz Villar (UPV/EHU)


From the start our aim was clear: to examine the translation of phraseological units in texts translated from German into Basque. But to do this, the ground had to be prepared. An attempt will be made in the following lines to briefly describe the ground covered between September 2009 up until today. First of all, an analysis was conducted into what phraseology is, what the object of study in this area of knowledge is, and how it has developed over time. After that, the situation of Basque and German phraseology is described, firstly to pull together what has been researched so far, and secondly, to specify the starting point for comparing these two languages from the phraseological perspective. Finally a methodology, a corpus methodology in fact, was established to achieve this aim, and by the time this article is published a digitised, aligned corpus will be ready and will be a key element for the analysis that will follow.