Thank you, Karlos!
Danele Sarriugarte Mochales


Karlos del Olmo (Barakaldo, 1958) has been involved in many things. Theater is one of his passions: he has directed the Barakaldo Permanent Theater Workshop, written plays, and published a study on the theatrical works of Gabriel Aresti, among other things. His main profession, however, has been in the field of translation: for nearly 30 years, he worked as a translator and interpreter for the San Sebastian City Council. Nevertheless, the teacher who started his teaching career at the Muskiz School and the Gabriel Aresti Basque Language School never completely gave up teaching: he has also taught classes at the University of the Basque Country and for the Basque Summer University. And at EIZIE, we will never forget Del Olmo’s relationship with the translators’ association: he served as president and secretary, and for the last 15 years has been the editor of these journals. Now he has retired, both from the cockpit and from Senez. We thought this was the perfect milestone at which to review his career. Thank you, Karlos!