The 'Universal Literature' textbook at Urretxindorra School: a tool for enjoyment
Antton Irusta


In this article, professor Antton Irusta discusses the very positive experience of using the textbook Literatura Unibertsala: Batxilergoa 2 (Universal Literature: High School 2 ) for the last five years at Urretxindorra School. The book was first published in 2012 by publishing house Erein in collaboration with EIZIE, and with assistance from the Basque Government. In the author's opinion, the experience has been memorable because, among other things, literature allows the students to compare their own experiences within the process of their intellectual, esthetic, and affective maturation, such as by becoming familiar with realities that are distant in both space and time. This in turn helps them to enter their cultural tradition and learn to reflect on human behavior.