Itzulges: A New Tool for Translation
Patxi Alaña


Itzulges is an application aimed both at businesses and organizations that work with more than one language, and at translators themselves.

It has four basic functions. First, it guides requests and deliveries of translations between requestors and translators. When a high level of translation is required, it is a practical tool because of all the functions it provides.

Second, translation can be done through Itzulges, which then saves the created work in a translation memory.

Third, this useful application is of great assistance to the personnel of a business, town hall, or other organization in translating or editing texts in Basque, since it provides the same tools it offers to the translator as well as a correction service that can be implemented before texts are sent to clients.

Finally, Itzulges helps to streamline and facilitate the terminology and translation memory between the personnel of the organization and its external translators, given that both parties consult and work with the same dictionary of their business, and translation memories.