OmegaT, a CAT Application Developed by the Free Software Community
Asier Sarasua Garmendia

Translation: Kristin Addis


There are more and more translators who use CAT computer applications, such as TRADOS or Wordfast, in the process of translation. OmegaT is less well known but, because it is free software, it has certain advantages that make it interesting even though it lacks some of the tools that are common in other applications.

The primary characteristics of OmegaT are the following: the use of standard translation formats (TMX), fuzzy matching applications, simultaneous processing of multiple files, the simultaneous use of multiple translation memories, the use of external glossaries, and direct translation from a variety of formats (HTML, OpenOffice, plain text, etc.).

OmegaT is an autonomous program; that is, it requires no other applications in order to work. Furthermore, it is a Java-based application, which in practice means that it can be used with any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).

This application is the fruit of the combined effort of software developers and volunteer translators. OmegaT is distributed as free software and thus anyone can freely distribute and modify the application.