Senez 29 (2005, special issue)

  • Date of publication: 2005
  • ISSN: 1132-2152
  • L.D.: SS-1152/01
  • 124 pp.


«Hausturak» by Jokin Muñoz, translated in four languages

This issue of the SENEZ magazine is fruit of the translation seminar, Itzultzaileak, idazlea lagun (The writer and his/her translators), organised by the Association of Translators, Correctors and Interpreters of Basque Language (EIZIE) and held in Elgeta (Gipuzkoa) from the 3rd to the 6th of October 2005.

The writer chosen for this workshop was Jokin Muñoz, the winner of the 2004 Euskadi Literature Award. And with the express approval of the author himself, the story «Hausturak» (Ruptures) —the title of the book published in 1995 by him— was chosen for translation.

EIZIE was invited to participate in the seminar which involved a similar programme as the event held in Tarazona during the summer of 2004; on that occasion, a number of professionals translated a story by the Basque writer, Pello Lizarralde. Nonetheless, this was the first time that EIZIE had been charged with the responsibility of organizing an event of this kind, with its aim of bringing to the public at large the work of literary translators and the difficulties that their task involves. The event, moreover, is a form of promoting Basque literature and taking it beyond its boundaries.

Apart from the original in Basque, the reader will find its translation into the four working languages at the seminar: German (Gabriele Schwab), Italian (Roberta Gozzi), Catalan (Daniel Luján) and Polish (Adam Zawiszewski).

Joseba Ossa