The writer and his/her translators - 2005


The result of the previous year's experience being excellent, EIZIE once again organised its workshop for literary translators in October 2005, with a view to promoting literary translation from Basque into other languages. The workshop was held at Espaloia Café Theatre, in Elgeta (Gipuzkoa).

The writer and the translators

The text chosen for translation was Hausturak (Ruptures), a narration selected from a book of the same name by Jokin Muñoz, which was to be translated from Basque directly into four different languages, without the aid of any bridging language.

Participating translators were:

- Gabi Schwab, who translated the text into German.
- Roberta Gozzi, who translated the text into Italian.
- Daniel Luján, who translated the text into Catalan.
- Adam Zawiszewski, who translated the text into Polish.

Participants worked in cooperation for four days. The author himself, Jokin Muñoz, awarded with the 2004 Euskadi Literature Award for his work Bizia lo, was at their disposal to help them, clear doubts and shed light on the text. The meeting also provided the translators with the chance to acquaint each other with the specific features of their respective languages and cultures and share their views on a number of questions arising from the translation process.

Closing session

On the fourth day, October 6th, the above-mentioned translators took part in a round-table discussion, in which they gave an account of the experience. Listeners had then the opportunity to listen to a given paragraph, selected at the seminar, being read in five different languages. The public session took place in Montehermoso Cultural Centre, Vitoria.


The result of the workshop has been published in the 29th issue of our Senez magazine, which features the original text plus the four translations.