Interview with Juan Garzia
Karlos del Olmo


In this electronic interview, the versatile and creative Juan Garzia, who has a long history in the field of translation into Basque, shows the side of himself that is most closely associated with translation. Garzia is one of the pillars of modern Basque translation, as proved by his having twice been awarded the Euskadi Prize in Translation. Moreover, through this interview, both the journal Senez and EIZIE [the Association of Translators, Correctors, and Interpreters of the Basque Language] would like to pay part of their debt of gratitude to Garzia, who, over the course of many years as a member of EIZIE, not only has written numerous pages, both hardcopy and electronic, for the various publications of the association, but also has been an unflagging collaborator in and contributor to many of EIZIE's other initiatives. In the interview, Garzia states that, in translation, theory, practice and pedagogy can (and should?) go hand in hand.