In turbulent times, translations profit
Marta Iravedra

In order to put into perspective what is being done in other linguistic communities, various Professors of Translation at the University of Vigo have been working for years on a Catalog of Galician Translation that serves to demonstrate to the literary sector of Galicia what is happening in the field of translation, and how. Thus, the authors seek to offer sufficient information so that editors and other people who participate in translation will know what options and alternatives are available to them, so that they will be able to recognize the best options open to them in their work. The authors propose a flexible model that facilitates the design of strategies for planning and distribution, given that, in a time of scant budgets like the present, the efficiency and effectiveness of decisions are more crucial than ever. Editors must not bite off more than they can chew, and must hit the mark with each decision. The works presented in this article seek to invigorate the editorial sector with a clear goal: that the necessary attention be paid to the complex process of translation.