Xabier Lete, translator
Gotzon Egia


This article deals with the less well-known side of the writer and singer Xabier Lete (1944-2010): Lete the translator. In view of the fact that the poet died only recently and that the events to honour his memory are still taking place, in this issue of Senez we wanted to gather some words that he took from poets and singers of other languages and used in his songs. There are twenty items sung by Lete throughout his musical career, and some of them were recorded on his discs as well. They have all been compiled and published in the book entitled Abestitzak eta poema kantatuak (Lyrics and Sung Poems) (2006, Elkar). We wanted to reproduce them here with the kind permission of the publishers, accompanied by some brief notes. In addition to his sung poems, he gave a reading at Oiartzun Town Hall on 22 September 2001 of 22 poems from the work by Rainer Maria Rilke entitled Das Stunden-buch (The Book of Hours ), and recorded on CD, under the name of R.M. Rilkeren "Orduen liburua" (2004, Pamiela/Arteola). As these poems were translated not to be sung, but to be recited, we have not included them.