Alleged deficiencies and real deficiencies of the Basque language when translating
Iñigo Roque


In the present article, the author intends to approach the current problems of the Basque language used in translations, differentiating between real problems from those that stem from the attempt of automating the translation process. After an introduction about the trends that have historically existed regarding literal and ad sensum translation, the article responds to another article written by Xabier Aristegieta (Senez 37) about the communication problems of the Basque language, especially with regards to the use of nouns as adjectives and the use of euphemisms. Later, the text mentions certain problems that translations to Basque currently have: the lack of differentiation between language registers, and the use of verbs and constructions that until not long ago were alien to the language. Finally, the author points out the importance of the linguistic competence of the readers as a factor to be taken into account.