Senez 36 (2008, special issue)

  • Date of publication: 2008
  • ISSN: 1132-2152
  • L.D.: SS-1152/01
  • 108 pp.



Invisibility is held to be essential to translation, not only in literature but also in all other types of translation. This is neither the time nor the place to debate whether it should always be so, however it is worth keeping this widespread belief in mind when discussing the important yet modest initiative, "The Writer in the Translators' Workshop", set in motion several years ago by EIZIE (The Association of Translators, Correctors and Interpreters of the Basque Language). Society is generally unaware of the benefits of this workshop in which several translators work in conjunction with the author to translate a text; the public does not realize what is behind it and what goes into it. EIZIE thinks globally and acts locally, and here you have the proof: the fruit of the 2008 Writer in the Translators' Workshop, held in San Sebastian. The raw material was Xabier Montoia's story, Irapuato.