Four generations dealing with translation from/into Basque language
Karlos del Olmo, Nahia Zubeldia


Translation, as a profession, has a long history, although it's a known fact that serious theorizing about it, at university and scientific level, only began in the 20th century. As far as translation from and to Euskara is concerned, that basic level of scientific thinking and researching is beginning to build its first structures with something of a time-lag compared with other languages which are more widespread and which, moreover, aren't beset by the socio-political situation which Euskara still has to live with. With this in mind, in May 2006 the managing editors of Senez Magazine hosted a Round Table to which they invited Lurdes Auzmendi, Aintzane Atela, Erika Gonzalez and Piarres Xarriton so that four generations of Basque translation could pool their thoughts from a 21st-century perspective about the past, the now and the possible future of Basque translation.

[Full text in Basque language]