The Future of Translation in the Europe of 1993
Maria Jose Velasco

(Report presented by Maria Jose Velasto Ulacia, Chairwoman of APETI, in Expolingua 89.)

Mankind has never so clearly seen its own multilingual state. Translation is such a big part of our world that we hardly realize it exists. In the mass media, conferences, if communication is achieved it is thanks to the work of translator and interpreters. In literature, we could say that we find ourselves immersed in world literature, and this is thanks also to translations, which fortunately, are begining to he recognized as important, at least in this field.

Translation is also taking pan in a process of specialization. This we could say now exists a) Scientific-technical translation; b) Legal Translators and Interpreters; c) Literary translations. On the other hand, within the FIT (International Translators Federation) there is another speciality mentioned, that is the media translator, that is to say the translator which specializes in mass media, news, films, videos, etc.

Undoubtedly, this task which so routine yet important, in our country still does no have the desired legal protection, it is without adequate standards: no all translator are professionals, that is to say, we cannot yet live off our work: and in the opposite way professionalism, that a say competence, we also have problems, up to short time ago there were no specific studies on translation interpretation.

In this way the Spanish State is not at the same level as that of the Common Market, although we are on the verge of having a Bachelor's degree in Interpretation and Translation.

Likewise, we must name The Nairobi Suggestion, made by UNESCO, for the safeguard of the Translator and Translation and the practical way of improving the translator's position.

Meanwhile the Administration pays no attention to our claims for proper studies and a professional statute that will protect us; and this role must be played by the necessary bodies of the State Administration and in our case, APETI.

Whichever may you see it, we must be prepared for what future has in store, probably many problems, but also hope, we think.