Interview with Idoia Gillenea
Karlos del Olmo


Idoia Gillenea is featured in this interview for two reasons: first, because this year she was elected president of EIZIE; and second, because of the career she has had in the fields of translation, interpretation, and correction. Thus, linking the present and the future of the association with her own professional career, she presents her fascinating reflections on translation both from and into Basque – in addition to carrying out these activities, she is also the director of a linguistic services company – and about the past and the future, but without forgetting the present times of crisis. She considers Basque translation to be robust but nevertheless believes that, in order for it to progress in the future, it must solve certain problems, especially from the point of view of the characteristics of the industry, given that although professionals and businesses must provide more and more added value, this is not reflected in prices and fees. In this interview, she presents her thoughts on and diagnosis of this issue.