Is there room for post-editing into Basque?
Nora Aranberri


In recent years, the post-editing of automatic translation, in combination with translation memories, has gained strength as a means of accelerating the process of translation of majority languages. In the case of Basque, it is clear that the necessary technology is becoming better established and various general systems for automatic translation, although of modest quality, already exist. As we push forward with this technology, we must also advance in our training of professions, given that post-editing requires its own set of abilities. As discussed in the Fall 2015 courses sponsored by the Basque Summer University, when the quality of automatic translation is not high, as in our case, the work of the post-editor changes; it is not so much a question of correcting errors, but of reusing correct sequences of words. Many variables must be taken into account to determine whether post-editing is appropriate in a given context. Nevertheless, data and debate seem to indicate that Basque will have its say in this field.