Josu Zabaleta


This issue presents one of the lesser known aspects of Marcel Proust's literary work. Proust is best known as a writer of prose, however, he also explored other literary paths, which, while not as famous as his prose, nonetheless deserve to be better known, if only to reach a better understanding of his stature.

One of the subsidiary components of Proust's literary output is his poetry. In a youthful confession early in his career, he mentioned the following passions: reading, dreaming, poetry, history, the theater. He was apparently very interested in poetry. Although he did not write much poetry himself, he did read many poems and held them in high esteem; he knew by heart and recited verses by authors he admired.

He wrote a total of some hundred poems, of which only a few were published during his lifetime. Some are included here, in translation by Josu Zabaleta.