Unpublished translations of Mirande
Aiora Jaka


This article presents some unpublished translations of Jon Mirande, preceded by a reflection on how the author from Soule conceived and used translation. As well as pointing out the importance of Mirande's works for the history of translation in the Basque language, the intention of the article is to highlight the similarities between translation works of Mirande and Joseba Sarrionandia. Firstly, the variety of the authors translated by Sarrionandia reminds us of the efforts by Mirande to enrich Basque literature with modern literary currents imported from other literatures. Secondly, the influence of works translated by both authors on their respective creations is quite remarkable. Finally, the way that Mirande uses translation suggests a post-modern conception of translation, elaborated in a more explicit manner by Sarrionandia.