Literature for Children and Young People Translated from German into Basque, or The Neverending Story
Naroa Zubillaga

Translation: Kristin Addis


This article is a summary of Zubillaga's research as part of her Master's degree in Linguistics and Basque Philology (University of the Basque Country), under the direction of Ibon Uribarri.

This is the first stage of a more extensive research project whose object is to study translations into Basque of German literature for children and young people. For this purpose, we have started by compiling a catalogue of all the works of German literature for children and young people that have been translated into Basque from 1929 to the present. This task was not as simple as it may appear; however, such a catalogue is essential in order to determine the characteristics of this literary system and additionally, it constitutes a point of departure for further research on the topic.

The article presents the most relevant results and conclusions derived from the study of the catalogue.