The revision as a procedure to ensure the quality of the translation: revision degrees, types and modalities
Silvia Parra

Translation: Kristin Addis


The revision of translation in my opinion must be the most rigorous procedure in order to assure the quality of the translation.

To avoid confusions in terminology, I put forward the differences and similarities that exist among the most common procedures used to evaluate the quality of translation in a professional setting, adopting seven criteria for the purpose. I also examine the general principles that I have used as a basis for determining the parameters that I consider most useful in revising a translation.

Finally, I present a methodological proposal for revising translations that is characterized by its integration of the parameters of revision, the method of revision that should be carried out as a function of aspects of the genre of the text to be checked, and the qualifications of the person who is most able to carry out this type of work.