Senez 16 (1995)


  • Date of publication: 1995
  • ISSN: 84-7086-287-1
  • L.D.: SS 1.205
  • 128 pp.

All articles in this issue have been published in Basque.


Koldo Biguri

Translation: Joe Linehan

Dear reader,

From now on you will find a new SENEZ, updated both in its formal presentation as well as in its content. We have transformed its appearance because we wanted it to be attractive to people outside as well as the fact that reflecting on translations should not have to be a bald exercise in erudition. We have also renewed the content, wishing to encompass more fields and, above all, because we wish to provide a tribune for all those who want to talk about their translation work or for those who wish to demonstrate their work or are bold enough to have it analyzed. We would like those contributing to these pages to come forward in greater numbers so that the themes dealt with here are closer to the everyday work of translators.

In fact, as translators-interpreters-correctors, each working in their own workplace or at their own workstation, we are evermore experienced; and all these experiences, however small and humble, deserve to be the common intellectual capital of all. It is not the aim of this journal to create bulky academic CVs but to talk about our work, about the problems that we find on a daily basis and provide everybody with the solutions that we apply or  why not?  show our work to others.

This is why, the new SENEZ can carry all kinds of articles: brief and light or long and deep. Commented translations can also teach us a lot and this is another reason why we wish to open our pages to a broader public. Likewise, translating being a largely practical profession, we also wish to include them in the issues, translations that you wish to send to us, the readers. Poetry, stories, articles by others, and so on. The only condition is that they be brief. There are many interesting texts that deserve to be translated into Basque and that perhaps do not have a place to be published, either because they are short or for other reasons - all these can have a place in SENEZ.

Our wish is that this journal be one of translators and for translators, open to all who labour in this wonderful profession and that it should serve not only as reading material but also as a boost to writing. In the end, knowledge can be found anywhere. May it be to everyone's taste!