Training and promotion


One of EIZIE’s main purposes is to improve the professional training of Basque language translators, correctors and interpreters. To this end, new formation plans are devised every year throughout the Basque-speaking territory according to local needs and demands. Courses are offered to association members and non-members alike. For more information, please consult the Basque and Spanish pages.


Seminars et conferences

Another course of action is the organization of different seminars, conferences and meetings around translation. By combining face-to-face and virtual activities, organized both internally and in collaboration with other associations or institutions, we want to promote and give more visibility to translation. More information is available in Basque and in Spanish.

International Days

Many of these activities are organized on the occasion of the International Translation Day (September 30th), the International Text Editing Day (October 27th) or the International Conference Interpreters’ Day (November 20th). Please consult the list of activities in Basque or Spanish.