Uda gau bateko ametsa (2015)


In this issue of our collection (2015), the reader will find a translation of Shakespeare’'s A Midsummer Night's Dream by Bingen Ametzaga, unpublished so far.

Bingen Ametzaga wrote the translation in 1952, but it never got printed. His grandson Xabier Irujo Ametzaga passed the manuscript onto EIZIE and encouraged the association to publish the play, which led to EIZIE working in partnership with San Sebastian 2016 in order to publish the work for the first time as part of the "Pioneers of Translation" collection.

Elizabete Manterola and Xabier Irujo edited the work and added a prologue each, one concerning the political and historical context upon which the translation took place, and the other on Ametzaga'’s translation work. With regard to the language used, they have tried to make the text seem as though it had been published at the time it was written, by making as few changes as possible. The reader will find the Basque version and the English text alongside each other. There is also a brief dictionary at the back of the book which contains definitions of words that the modern Basque reader may not know.

The publication has been supported by the San Sebastian 2016 Capital of Culture (DSS2016EU) and the Getxo City Council.

See also Shakespeare's Dream reviseted in Basque.