ItzuL mailing-list


What is ItzuL?

ItzuL is a mailing list set up by EIZIE. Their aim is to be an aid to Basque translators which will serve as a forum to solve and discuss with fellow translators problems that usually crop up in their everyday work.

Above all, these topics will be discussed in the ItzuL list:

  • Practical translation problems: terminology, idioms and sayings, problems in understanding the original text, obscure concepts, unknown proper names, etc;
  • references, dictionaries, word lists, and where other such sources of information may be found; matters dealing with translation theory;
  • questions dealing with software globalization and localisation;
  • problems related to payment for translation work done, working conditions of translators, matters related to the profession;
  • useful news from the world of translation;
  • doubts about computer software and tools usually used by translators, questions, solutions, news, and so on;
  • translation jobs.

ItzuL is a public, open, and unmoderated list. Subscribers' messages are automatically sent out to the list without any human intervention.

It is remarkable that, unlike many other mailing-lists in the world, ItzuL is still very alive, receives messages and replies on a daily basis and enables Basque translators to solve doubts that arise from their everyday work.

Archived messages can be read here.

We use the service to set up and run the list.

It's also integrated in Euskalbar (a Firefox toolbar).

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Last modified: 24-11-2021