Demagun ehun urte barru - Anjel Lertxundi

Based on a concern of the Polish writer Witold Gombrowicz ("If in 100 years our language still exists..."), Anjel Lertxundi gathered six writers and translators in Donostia-San Sebastián to reflect on the literature of non-hegemonic languages and its future in a cultural context strongly influenced by globalisation.

This bilingual publication, edited by EIZIE and Donostia 2016, collects the reflections from the conferences held in December 2016, within the framework of the initiative Karta Zuriak.


All the collaborations have been published in Basque and Spanish, together with the originals of Darrieussecq and Zelik, in French and German respectively.

  • Javier CercasKatalanezko idazlea banintz (If I Were a Catalan Writer), (Si yo fuera un escritor en catalán; translated by Gerardo Markuleta) .
  • Karlos CidAzken mamu gorri zoriontsua / Último mono feliz (The Happy Nobody).
  • Marie DarrieussecqEuskara, Mekong, zuluak eta ni / La lengua vasca, el Mekong, los zulúes y yo (The Basque Language, the Mekong, the Zulu People and Me), (La langue basque, le Mékong, les Zoulous, et moi; translated into Basque by Joxan Elosegi and into Spanish by Jon Muñoz) .
  • Adan KovacsicsZertzelada apokaliptikoak (Apocalyptic Notes), (Pinceladas apocalípticas; translated into Basque by Bego Montorio).
  • Miguel SáenzGhost in TranslationItzulpenaren mamua (Ghost in TranslationEl fantasma de la traducción; translated into Basque by Koro Navarro).
  • Raul ZelikMamu izoztua-Bidaia izotzerantz / El fantasma helado (The Frozen Ghost-Journey into the Ice), (Mamu izoztua-Reise ins Eis; translated into Basque and Spanish by Petra Elser and Edorta Matauko).

Other collaborations: Anjel Lertxundi with the name of the book and Harkaitz Cano with Agente bikoitz baten aitorpenak / Confesiones de un agente doble (Confessions of a Double Agent).

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