Talk at Zurriola School - 2016

As part of the New Translators project, EIZIE and Zurriola School organized a meeting dedicated to translation, in fulfillment of one of the objectives of the project: to introduce the respective cultures of the guest translators, and communicate to young people the importance of translation.


Thus, on April 14, 2016, the students in the Universal Literature class (a freshman-level course) enjoyed interacting with four translators from lesser known European cultures: Laura Liubinavičiῡte from Lithuania; Mariya Petrova Pachkova from Bulgaria; Barbara Pregelj from Slovenia; and Katarzyna Sosnowska from Poland. With them, we set off on a literary journey through the Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, and Polish arts: we discovered their literature through poems, music, World War II testimonies, and children's literature.

The four guests are highly regarded translators in their respective countries, and are currently in residence in the Basque Country, at the Zornotza boarding school. The purpose of this program is for them to learn our language in order to then express our literature in their respective languages. In this way, once again, through translation, Basque and its heritage will be enriched through contact with other European cultures, and in turn, will enrich other cultures.

Summary: Amaia Donés Mendia