CEATL publishes the second issue of 'Counterpoint'

2019 December 13
CEATL publishes the second issue of 'Counterpoint'

The e-zine includes an article about translations from and into Basque.

Among others, we can read an article about translations into and out of Basque by Garazi Ugalde: A celebration of otherness.

From the editors:

In this issue, then, we proceed to deal with the various aspects of literary translators’ work and lives in the political and cultural sphere. From different points of view, we hear about promoting both Irish and German literature, getting it translated and out into the world, we learn of the difficulties in translating between minority languages, what one can get out of a residency, how a translation of Jamaican Marlon James ended up angering the Norwegian translators, and we learn what a Boost Book is and how you can contribute. We hear of the Italian translators’ path into a union and we learn how to hum in ancient Greek. But not least, long-time delegate and treasurer of CEATL Shaun Whiteside relates his personal view on the importance of organizations such as CEATL and of cooperating across borders and languages.