2021-2022: Saison Québec - Pays Basque


This year, the New Translators initiative was dedicated to the French-speaking public, and developed as part of the Saison Québec - Pays Basque 2021-2022 project of the Etxepare Basque Institute. The project aimed to highlight the talent of Basque creators and promote collaboration between cultural agents from Quebec and the Basque Country.

The Quebecer translators Yannick Bédard and Michel Usereau, selected in the Institue's call for applications, worked under the direction of Aiora Jaka, member of EIZIE, thanks to a mentorship created for this purpose. They translated six short stories by three basque writers: 'Abian' by Garazi Arrula, 'Oreina' and 'Ezertan lagun diezazuket?' by Uxue Alberdi; and 'Arrokarik altuena' and 'Safaria' by Harkaitz Cano. During the process, the translators communicated with the writers thanks to the virtual workshops organized by EIZIE.

The result of this experience was presented at the Gutun Zuria literary festival in Bilbao in March 2022, and the translators travelled to the Basque Country for a stay during the summer.

Gutun Zuria (French)

Gutun Zuria (Spanish)