Etxepare Basque Institute grants and prizes


Grants for literary translation 2021 (closed)

The purpose of this resolution is to publicize the Etxepare Basque Institute's grant regime for the translation of:

a) Literary works written and published originally in Basque into other languages.

b) Literary works originally written and published in Spanish by authors registered officially in the Basque Autonomous Community into languages other than Basque.

c) Publishing and promotion costs for publishers.

Amount: 64,000 €

More info here.

Etxepare-LABORAL Kutxa Translation Prize 2021 (Concluded)

The goal of the Etxepare - LABORAL Kutxa Translation Prize is to award a prize to a published translation of a literary work which was originally written in Basque with the main objective of promoting a work written in Basque at an international level. The prize will reward the quality of the translation itself and the publisher’s promotional strategy. For that reason, the publisher and the translator will share the prize.

The prize will be worth 4,000 euros. The publisher and translator will each receive half that amount. As well as the prize, the prize-winners will receive a grant of up to 2,000 euros for being able to come to the prize-giving ceremony and continuing with the promotional strategy in the country of publication (presentations, events, publicity campaigns, media interviews…).

Amount: 4,000 €.

More info here.

Last modified: 2021-11-14