'Universal Literature' collection

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Last modified: 24-11-2021

“Literatura Unibertsala” (Universal Literature) is a collection of world literature translated into Basque.

These books are the abundant harvest of the cooperation agreements which EIZIE has signed, since 1989, with the Department of Culture of the Basque Government. Nowadays they are published by Erein.

In a nutshell, the contribution made by the “Literatura Unibertsala” collection could be described as follows:

  • It has fostered and spread the habit of reading translations of the finest literature.
  • It provides an unparalleled opportunity to read in Basque the works of some ot the world’s best writers, thereby giving the Basque reader the chance to use his or her language, euskara, as a tool which grants access to the rich heritage of some of the most important products of the world’s culture.
  • It has favoured the setting up of a group of skillful translators, capable of masterfully translating into Basque some of the top works of literature.
  • Last but not least, there is no doubt that this collection has had and will have a remarkable influence on Basque writers.

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