2022 Translation Prizes

2022 December 12
2022 Translation Prizes

Euskadi Prize

Koro Navarro has won the 2022 Euskadi Prize for Translation for his Basque version of Fiesta – The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. The jury, made up of Aintzane Ibarzabal, Idoia Gillenea and Idoia Santamaria, highlighted the strength and vitality of the translation, entitled Fiesta: Eguzkia jaikitzen da: “The translator made the right decisions to maintain the strength and vitality of the original text. We must emphasize the appropriate tone of the dialogues, the register and the way in which she reproduced the alternations of the voices, as well as the fluidity of other narrative and descriptive passages, the sobriety, the precision and the efficiency of the prose”. The translation was published last year in the Literatura Unibertsala collection by the publishing houses Erein and Igela.

Vitoria-Gasteiz Prize

The Vitoria-Gasteiz prizes for the best Basque translations of literary works for children and young adults were awarded this year to Angel Erro, Rikardo Arregi and Aitor Blanco. Erro and Arregi won the prize in the children's literature category with Pintxo eta Pitxitxi (La Maleta, 2021), a Basque translation of Pronto por la mañana and No es hora de jugar by Lawrence Schimel. In the category of literature for young adults, the jury awarded the prize to Aitor Blanco, who translated The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle into Basque, published by Igela in 2021 under the title Sherlock Holmesen memoriak. The jury was made up of Karlos del Olmo, Nerea Hernando, Mario Unamuno, Miren Ibarluzea and Karlos Zabala.

Etxepare - Laboral Kutxa Prize

Mariolein Sabarte is the winner of the Etxepare - Laboral Kutxa 2022 translation prize for her Dutch translation of Amek ez dute by Katixa Agirre. The translation, entitled Moeders zullen nooit and translated from the Spanish version of the work (Las madres no), was published by Zirimiri Press. The jury underlined the work carried out by Mariolein Sabarte: “In addition to the quality of the translation, this prize aims to recognize the career of the translator, that is to say the work accomplished throughout her life”. Moreover, Zirimiri Press’s career path was also rewarded for its clear commitment to the translation of Basque works in particular, and of minority and less-published languages in general.