Bernardo Atxaga's 'Xola eta Ameriketako izeba', translated into Slovenian

2017 April 11
Bernardo Atxaga's 'Xola eta Ameriketako izeba', translated into Slovenian

Bernardo Atxaga's book Xola eta Ameriketako izeba (Erein publishers), written for children and young people, has been translated by Barbara Pregelj into Slovenian under the title Xola in teta iz Amerike. This is the first translation published as part of the programme "Itzultzaile Berriak" (New Translators) sponsored by Donostia 2016 , the Etxepare Basque Institute and EIZIE.

The programme brought together translators of different nationalities at the Basque school of Zornotza – four translators for six months and four for one month – to live and learn Euskara firsthand. The main objective was to teach the Basque language to serve as a bridge to literary translation.

The participants who stayed the longest at the school translated works of Basque literature. Barbara Pregelj chose the fourth installment of the adventures of a dog named Xola.

Barbara Pregelj (1970) is a translator and professor at University of Nova Gorica. Her translations include works from Spanish, Galician and Catalan into Slovenian. Some of the authors she has translated are Miguel de Unamuno (Življenje don Kihota in Sanča), Federico García Lorca (Metuljkin Urok) and Gabriel Martin I Roig (Slikanje človeške figure).

More information about the "New Translators" programme can be found through this link.