In memoriam: Emilio Benito

2004 February 13
In memoriam: Emilio Benito

From Atril Madrid, February 12, 2004 It is with the greatest sorrow that we announce the passing away of Emilio Benito, President and Founder of Atril and original author of the Déjà Vu software concept. Emilio died aged 56 last Sunday morning in Madrid, Spain, after a long struggle with a cruel disease.

For more than a decade prior to his effective retirement in early 2003, Emilio's legendary work inspired the translation software industry, setting the standard for translation software quality, speed, reliability and, perhaps more than anything else, customer care.

Following a smooth, seamless transfer of roles over the past two years, Emilio's work has been continued by Atril's team of software and support engineers led by his son, Daniel Benito. From the solid Déjà Vu 3 platform designed by Emilio, Daniel has taken the Déjà Vu approach to new heights with the Déjà Vu X software range, marking the beginning of the new Déjà Vu era -an era that has just only begun.

Emilio's life and work is the legend of a humble man with the mind of a genius who practised software programming as a form of art and customer support as an act of love. His example will not be in vain. While we mourn Emilio's death, we shall use the inspiration he left us with to reach the goals that he visualized for Atril and those of Déjà Vu users worldwide.

Emilio will be remembered forever in our hearts.

May he rest in peace.