The Basque Parliament in favour of free software

2003 May 5

On the 21st of February, the Basque Parliament passed a unanimous motion to develop free software in the public administration sector.

Such motion was brought to the Basque Parliament by the three political parties which make up the current Basque Government (EAJ, EA and Ezker Batua). The motion highlighted the benefits of using free software in the public administration, e.g. lower costs and an easier management of multilingualism.

Amendments to the proposal were moved by PP and by PSE, and both were accepted by the Parliament.

The final motion passed by the Basque Parliament urges the Basque Government to set up a plan to introduce free software in the public administration. Moreover, it suggests that it should inform the Basque Parliament on a regular basis of the steps taken for the implementation of the plan.

We must remember that EIZIE's website has been created using the free software Zope platform.