Volunteer interpreters and translators needed for the next European Social Forum 2003

2003 April 11

Babels is an international network of volunteer interpreters and translators whose main objective it is to cover the interpreting needs of the Social Forums and of other international events.

At the moment, they are trying to organise voluntary interpreters for the next European Social Forum.

As you might know, the next European Social Forum will take place in Paris from 12 - 16 November 2003. We should aim to make this event as widely accessible as possible, and reflective of the diversity of people living in Europe. For this, around 1200 interpreters will be needed to cover the various workshops and events.

If you can offer interpretation skills (not necessarily at expert level) in any languages, and would like to contribute to the movement for a more social Europe, then please contact Babels as soon as possible.

The Babels team will cover travel expenses for all registered interpreters. They will also organise accommodation, and provide interpreters with free travel in Paris for the duration of the event. For further details, please go to Babels' website where more information is provided in various languages.

Finally, please note that Babels is a European network comprised of various national teams. There are currently teams in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the UK, and Russia. Contacts are being set up to start teams in Belgium, Poland, Greece, and other countries. Unfortunately, there is no Babels co-ordination in Scandinavia so far. If you know anybody who might be interested in this, please get in touch with us at fsesf@babels.org.