Literary translation in the media

The scant presence of translation in the realm of literary critique represented a gap that EIZIE set out to fill, by means of this project, aimed at boosting the public’s interest in texts translated into Basque. To that end, several members of EIZIE committed themselves to writing brief reviews of works recently translated into Basque. This initiative has been carried out with the aid of CEDRO

However, as the public’s interest has grown significantly over the last years, and, as a result, the presence of translation in literary critique is already assured, the association decided to put an end to the project in 2014. Nonetheless, we keep gathering every review we find in the media, particularly from Armiarma.

Furthermore, these reviews can also be reached via Nor da Nor, the database for basque translation, attached to the file corresponding to the work.

Further information (including all the reviews gathered so far) can be reached here.